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The Wrong Way: Top 52 Hiker Mistakes

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Some of the pictures posted on this website are from:

Franz Rosenberger

Photo of Franz Rosenberger taking photographs. Photo taken by Ken Jackson.
Franz in the Coyote Buttes.
Photograph by Ken Jackson.

To me, professional photography means a wide range of activities. Assignments can be purely technical, as in reproducing a painting, say, for a catalog. There, creativity is exclusively due to the painter. The photographer's challenge is to objectively record, for instance, the colors. Full color management in photography is technically very demanding, yet, requires no emotional involvement.

Photographing three-dimensional objects, such as sculptures or architecture, is more complex. There, the photographer must become familiar with the client's expectations for the object's representation. These expectations may not be the same as the photographer's conception of image composition, viewing angle and lighting conditions. Hence, synergistic interaction between client and photographer is essential. How often have I heard "you are the photographer, you know how to get a good shot" - only to find out afterwards that the client did have an expectation quite different from my approach. That is one reason why I photograph only digitally. With instant playback a client can, at least, roughly proof on location. Think of portraits! On location pre-proofing can considerably reduce processing and printing, and, thus, project costs.

In stock photography, however, one is left to one's own perceptions and inclinations. It involves often much scouting for objects, best shooting location and light conditions. This brings me to "truth in photography", which is often debated heatedly. Let me tell you, where I stand on this. If, for instance, there is no easy way to avoid a power line in an otherwise well composed landscape shot, I don't hesitate to remove it on the computer. Also, if people keep walking through my view, before I miss a great light condition - out they go. (There, again, digital photography is very powerful. You don't have to scan an original for digital manipulation.) I have also been known to do some limited "cosmetics" in portraits. But you couldn't talk me into putting a moon, or an animal into an image, where there was none when I took the shot.

Photography has been my hobby for several decades. But now, after retirement from a rewarding career in physics, I can take all the time I need to do justice to an object. If, after viewing my online gallery, you feel that I could help with some stock photos or with an interesting assignment, please e-mail or call me.

Franz Rosenberger at Rosenberger Photography, Prescott, Arizona,, (928) 443-1407.


Matt Turner

Self portrait of Matt Turner standing beneath a starry sky.
Self portrait by Matt Turner

Matt says, "I have a real fascination with out-of-the-way places in Yavapai County, AZ and the Southwest in general. I may photograph a particular location because of its geologic features, its vegetation, or because it is truly remote and stunning. “Death Valley Turtleback”, located in the western locales gallery is a photograph that typifies this is intended for the geologist. “Palm Canyon”, in the same gallery is intended for the plant ecologist/biogeographer. Other photos have an artistic side and I am sure you'll easily identify them. It is my hope that the viewer comes away from my photo galleries with the inspiration to explore the natural beauty of Prescott, Yavapai County and the surrounding has a lot to offer!"

You can view some of Matt's work at his online gallery.


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