27th Annual International

Jewish Outdoor Escape

an Arizona Adventure

with Day Trips to Grand Canyon and Sedona

Hosted by Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America

It’s Summer Camp for Grown-ups

August 31 – September 4, 2017

Held in Prescott, AZ 

Whether you love hiking through large stands of ponderosa pines or appreciate historic places, Prescott offers things to do and places to see for everyone. Mild seasons make it an appealing destination year-round. A mile-high city, Prescott is nestled in the Ponderosa Pines of Prescott National Forest.

Due to high demand and added resources:

  • Watson Lake Day Trip re-opened
  • Easier Hikes added for Friday
  • Added Dave Leibman hike Sunday PM

This year's Jewish Outdoor Escape will be held at a camp outside of Prescott and at the edge of Prescott National Forest.  From this venue we will be leading numerous activities. Possible daytime activities include hiking, kayaking, biking, paddling, nature walks, arts & crafts, dancing, workshops, swimming, campfires, field games, photography, swimming, and cultural events. Included this year will be the option of doing a day trip to either the Grand Canyon or Sedona.

What is the Jewish Outdoor Escape?

The Mosaic's Jewish Outdoor Escape is held every year during an extended Labor Day Weekend. It gives Jewish outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world the opportunity to spend time with each other in a Jewish setting and enjoy out-of-doors activities. We stay at a summer camp and the activities vary each year depending on the locale. Over 100 like-minded Jewish adventurers attend this event each year.

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America is a volunteer-run organization that allows Jewish adults with a love of the outdoors to get “back to nature” and have some fun. With 12 clubs located throughout the United States, Canada and Israel, our international non-profit, volunteer-run organization promotes appreciation of the outdoors, nature, outdoor skills and conservation, while building Jewish community and continuity.

Quick Facts

You and your friends, and lots of other folks ages 30 to 80 from across the map, with Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America

  Aug. 28 – Aug. 31, 2017

Main Event:
  Aug 31 - Sept.4, 2017

 Sept. 4 - Sept. 7, 2017


Camp Daisy & Harry Stein
Please DO NOT contact the camp. Mosaic will answer any questions.

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Kosher Camp?:
Kosher Style w/ no supervision

We will bring of Glatt-Kosher food from outside for those who need for an additional fee.
Details about Kosher Food


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