Camp Stein overnight accommodations include: staff /guest housing, cabins, bunks AND tenting. The basic bunk cabin is included in the base price.  You will be billed an additional charge if you prefer an upgraded room.  Upgraded rooms are in limited supply.  Be aware that we will not be able to accommodate all who wish to upgrade.  All accommodations are rustic, simple, clean and functional. All cabins have electricity.  If your attendance depends on a specific type of accommodation contact us at before you register. 

See Camp Website for Pics of the Accommodations

(Note: Please do not contact the camp. Mosaic will answer all your questions)

BASIC CABINS (4 to 8 Adults):

Standard housing will consist of 8 bunk beds and single beds in each room. Each person gets a whole bunk to themselves, so no one will need to sleep on a top bunk. Many attendees find it convenient to sleep on the bottom bunk and to store their luggage on the top one. The bathroom and showers are in a separate centralized bathhouse. 


Room upgrades are on a first come first serve basis once normal registration opens (NOT Pre-Registration).   These rooms are a mishmash using staff cabins, infirmary, and regular-sized camper cabins with only one or two people in them. We make an effort to keep a 1 to 4 ratio of the bathroom to people on all housing, though this may vary from one area of camp to another. An upgrade is as rustic/style as any other cabin just with fewer people. 


Singles may be staff housing, infirmary rooms, or full-sized camper cabins to which only one person is assigned. These rooms have twin, bunk  or queen size beds. Although there may or may not be more than one bed in the room, only one person will be assigned to the room. Bathrooms will usually be shared, but are in the same building. 


COUPLES ($250 Per Room) SOLD OUT

Couples rooms beds are either a double or a queen sized.  Shared showers and Toilets.

Couples room are paid PER ROOM. Only one person out of the couple should sign up as a couple. Your partner should select "Other" during registration for their room selection. Please coordinate with your partner on who is paying for the room. Any mistakes in this decision will incur a $12.50 (%5) change fee. This fee is an expense that Mosaic incurs due what Regonline charges for this change. Both partners need to register within seven (7) days of each other or we will release the couple's room to the next couple and change your selection to a standard room.

DOUBLES ($100 - $125 Per Person) SOLD OUT

Double room upgrades are the same as the singles with the difference being there at least two beds of some type. They can be twin sized beds, bunk  or queen size beds or mixture of these.  We count bunk beds as one bed, as we do not expect you will use the top bunk.   Shared showers and Toilets.


You are welcome to bring your own tent.
Mosaic will designate a tenting area close by to bathrooms.

Mosaic will have a limited supply of tent combo packages for  $120.

  • Extra charges are to cover administration and shipping costs. 
  • The package is yours to keep or donate at the end of the event.


Comfort Inn at Ponderosa Pines is just 4.5 miles or 13-minute drive from camp.
Upcharge Costs for Comfort Inn for a room from Thursday, August 31st to Monday, September 4th:

$220/person for couples or doubles
$440/person for a single

  • Please DO NOT CONTACT the Hotel for any reason.
  • Please send any questions or requests to
  • Mosaic will not provide transportation to and from the hotel and camp. You must provide your own.
  • Refunds on accommodations less 10% administration fees at the Comfort Inn is available until July 23rd


There will be very limited wheelchair-accessible accommodations. You will need to be able to get in and out of your vehicle to drive down the road to join everyone in the main area. If you are in need of accessible accommodations, please contact us prior to registering so we can ensure appropriate accommodations are available.  


As our planning has evolved, we have realized that it will be very difficult for many people to get a flight home after 3 PM on Monday, September 4th. However, it is logistically impossible for the MOCA Shuttle to get people to the airport in time for an earlier flight on Monday.

Therefore, we are offering the option of booking rooms @ a group rate at the Day's Inn near the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. There is shuttle service to and from the airport, breakfast at the hotel. You will be able to book a single or double room on the merchandise page of your registration.

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