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Last Chance to Update You Registration
You are receivingthis email becauseyou are registered for the
Jewish Outdoor Escape 2017
Change Fee

August 14th will be the VERY LAST DAY for you to make ANY changes to your registration on your own. After this date, you will need to contact us atEvent@MosaicOutdoor.orgfor anything pertaining to your registration.Any change requests after August 14th will incur an $18 change fee per change unless authorized by the chair people.Cancellation policies will override the change fee policy if you cannot attend the event.

Starting on August 15th, the $18 change fee will be incurred PER CHANGE for the following:
  • Travel Information if you are taking MOCA transportation.
  • Updating or changing what activities you are planning to attend during the event (each day's activity is considered one change).
  • Housing changes.

The above fee will not apply for changes related to items (activities and housing upgrades) where you are on a waiting list.

Any fees paid or payable to vendors (including, but not limited to activity fees and transportation charges) will be non-refundable for changes made on or after this date.

Also be aware that we will not be accepting activity changes on site this year except under special circumstances. This makes it all the more important that your activity selections are finalized ASAP, and preferably by the 14th.

Why charge a fee?In order to make final preparations, we need to have accurate data on all participants, including their activities and travel plans. Any change adds work for us as it will affect the activity planning, reporting, and overall logistics for the event.

Be fair to your volunteer event committee. Please take the time to make sure you have given us all the information requested from you by August 14th.

This includes:
  • What activities you plan on doing for EVERY day
  • Travel plans including 1) letting us know how you are getting to/from the event, and 2) your flight information (especially if you are using the Shuttle).
  • Reserving a space in and paying for your MOCA shuttle (if needed)
  • Housing
  • Dietary Preferences
  • Allergies/emergency medical information
  • Correct T-Shirt Size


There are lists below of people who need to make registration adjustments. Please make sure that you are not on one of those lists. If you are, you need to adjust your registration ASAP.


There are also lists of people who are using the Shuttle. Please review this if you are planning to use the Shuttle to be sure that you are on it. If not, then please adjust your registration now.


Thanking you in advance,


Edward Schaefer and Marsha Zellner

Co-Chairs,Jewish Outdoor Escape 2017

Attendee Info Page on the Event Website
This page has been created to hold the specific information you will need to attend the event. Please take some time looking it over.

You find:
  • Copies of allInformational Emails in web and pdf formats
  • Maps (Map of Camp and Directions to Camp)
  • Flight Directory
  • Rideshare Directory
  • By Laws Liability Release and Code of Conduct
  • Other Info of Interest



Please Update Your Registration

The following people need to update their profiles as indicated below. As you can see there are many of you missing data. We are working hard on many other details to make this event happen smoothly. Please try to do this yourselves by going to link below to update your own registration:

Need to update their activities. Please double check:

  1. Conflicting activities happening at the same time.
  2. No activity selected for a particular day.
  3. Watson Lake or Lynx are FULL day activites that require a morning and afteroon choices.


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